South Sebastian County Historical Society

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Photo by Jan Owens

2016 Officers
President - Meryl Ware
Vice President - Donna Goldstein
Corresponding Secretary - Sue Lewis
Historian - Jeannie Pope
Curator - Emily Mitchusson
Recording Secretary - Joicie Gilbreath
Treasurer - Cinda Bell
Key Editor - Carrah Efurd
Board of Directors
Troy Gaston 2015
Ed Wilkinson 2015
Joel Goldstein 2016
Jeff Turner 2016
Gary Grimes 2017
Michael Lejong 2017
Panoramic Views of Historic District
South Sebastian County Historical Society
Post Office Box 523
Greenwood, Arkansas 72936

Photo at the left is of the Miners' Memorial on the southeast corner of the town square in Greenwood. The black marble wall in the background lists miners names who worked in South Sebastian County.